Monday, August 1

Attack the Block Red-Band Trailer

Damn, I had a chance to catch a screening of this a little while back and I missed it; kinda kicking myself over it now...looks like more Edgar Wright good-ness though.

Thursday, June 23

Friends with Benefits Red Band Trailer

Had tickets to a screening of this flick, and it really won me over...everyone has to go check it out when it releases on July 22nd.

Sunday, June 5

Pinball Machine Skate Park

There have been some pretty outrageous skate parks built over the last decade as skateboarding has made the leap from hoodlum pastime to legitimized sport. This Mountain Dew-sponsored Pinball Machine Skate Park in New Zealand, however, may be the most outlandish to date. Built in only 17 days for an upcoming competition, this park cost almost $500,000 to create and will remain open for only 3 weeks once the contest is over. A true replica of a pinball machine down to the lights, sounds and launcher at the beginning, this park is a dream come true for anyone who has ever been a teenage skater.

via Hypebeast

Friday, May 6

Stussy x Marvel T-shirt Series 2

It's collaborations like this that really speak to me; take a little bit of comics, add in an OG streetwear brand and well-known street artists, and viola...instant cool.

The Stussy x Marvel Series 2 Tees (Special Edition Artist Series) is now available now. The series features artwork by the likes of international artists such as James Jarvis (Thing), David Shrigley (Incredible Hulk), Todd James (She Hulk), Noah Butkus (Dr. Strange), Will Sweeney (Eternity), John K. (Crystal & Johnny Storm), Bill Plympton (Mystique), Gary Panter (Thor) and Mr. Cartoon (Spiderman). The team asked to interpret their favorite Marvel characters in their signature styles.

Each order will include a limited edition pack of Stussy x Marvel trading cards, while supplies last. So get in quick. Available through Stussy online.

via SlamxHype

Monday, May 2

Spacewalker Junior Lamp

Perhaps movies like Independence Day have made us a bit fearful of what extraterrestrial life might bring to our planet. The little buggers are always shown blasting ray-guns at our historic landmarks instead of, say, coming in peace with a few cold ones. We can tell you this, if some little guy wandered into our place and illuminated our home office with his head glowing like E.T.’s finger, we’d want him to stick around for a while for utilitarian purposes. Spacewalker Junior is the brainchild of Constantin Wotmann and looks like a glowing, stable bobblehead. Use it to light up a shelf or as a floor lamp in any room of your bachelor pad (we assume wives and live-in girlfriends will need a little convincing on the alien light fixture). As long as it doesn’t come to life while we sleep and destroy the Lincoln Memorial we’re cool.

Check it out here for $236

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Saturday, April 23

Asher Roth & Nottz "Enforce The Law"

For the latest visual installment from their Rawth EP, Asher Roth and Nottz decided to reinterpret the popular 2001 movie Training Day. In the video, Nottz portrays Denzel Washington's famed character, Detective Alonso Harris, and Roth plays Ethan Hawke's role as his rookie sidekick. As the gun toting, drug smoking, crime fighting duo hit the streets to reenact a few key scenes from the film, they recite their appropriately titled song "Enforce The Law" from inside their undercover cop car. Check out the clip above!

via Hypetrak